CBSE’s Class XII assessment formula draws mixed reactions from teachers and students

NEW DELHI: The CBSE on Monday (June 21, 2021) informed the Supreme Court that the optional examinations for Class 12 students, unsatisfied with its assessment criteria, would be held between August 15 to September 15.

The exams would be conducted if the environment is conducive in the backdrop of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The CBSE informed the top court that results for Class 12 exams will be declared by July 31.

The central board’s decision to cancel the board exams in view of current situation, where students’ safety is most important, has been widely welcomed by the teachers and students.

“We will be taking best of three subjects from Class X, therefore I feel this arrangement made by the CBSE for the assessment of the Class XII students is fair and I find nothing discriminatory in this. Class X results are the last board assessed results now,” said Pallavi Sharma, principal of Mamta Modern Senior Secondary School in Vikaspuri.

Dr Rakesh Sharma, chairman of Holy Convent Senior Secondary School, Vikas Nagar too echoed the similar views.

“Assessing students based on proper exams is always the the best practice but in current scenario, where holding exams is not possible, I feel the arrangement made by the CBSE is best and is in students’ interest,” said Rakesh Sharma.

“Students’ safety is the top priority, so the decision to calculate final score for Class XII by including marks of X and XI is best available option at present,” he added.

Reacting to the apprehensions that the CBSE’s assessment system could be unfair towards students who were not able perform well in Class 10th and 12th the Mamta Modern’s school’s principal said, “The CBSE has allowed moderation of Class XI results. Schools we can moderate the result according to the school average. We prepare them (students) for Class XII, there is nothing like that schools deliberately do tough assessments in Class XI to weaker students from getting promoted to Class XII. This is an unprecedented situation and we should be happy that CBSE has made this arrangement,” added Pallavi Sharma.


The central board’s decision also drew sharp criticism from some teachers and students. According to Deepshikha Dandu, principal of Columbia Foundation Senior Secondary School in Vikaspuri, the formula is flawed and unfair towards meritorious students.

“I feel this decision to assess Class XII students based on their performances in Class 10, 11 is a bit unfair towards the students who have been working hard for last two years. We have been conducting online exams for last two academic sessions and I feel it is very difficult to judge students without proper exams. Usually students perform better in Class 12 as compared 10th board. So this system of CBSE is like judging in a collective manner without considering their individual evaluations,” said Dandu.

However, Dandu, who’s daughter, a student of Springdales School in Dhaula Kuan, will also be appearing for her Class XII board exams next year, justified CBSE’s decision when it comes to the safety of students.

“Despite all drawbacks, I feel the CBSE’s decision was a good move in terms in students’ safety amid ongoing Covid pandemic in the country,” added Dandu.

“According to this system, a student who did not score well in class 10, but he worked very hard and scored good marks in class 11 and was hopeful of getting better marks in class 12th board, so this could be loss for such student, said Dipesh, a Class of XII student of Rajdhani Public School.

On June 17, the CBSE had said for Class 12, marks based on unit test/mid-term/pre-board exam will have 40 per cent weightage; Class 11, marks based on theory component of final exam will 30 per cent weightage; and Class 10, marks based on average theory component of best three performing subjects out of main 5 subjects will have 30 per cent weightage.

This is the first time that the CBSE has completely cancelled the board exam conducted by it. Last year, exams were midway when a nationwide lockdown was announced in view of the Covid-19 outbreak and the remaining exams were cancelled later.

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